A man getting a massage on his back

Massage Services

We encourage you to experience Still Waters Day & Medical Spa’s massage therapy for blissful relaxation and overall improvement in physical health. Increasingly, massage therapy is being added to many physician-prescribed regimens as an antidote to the symptoms of stress.

Classic Massage

Our highly acclaimed full-body classic massage combines our specially blended massage lotion of essential oils with classic Swedish massage techniques adapted to your needs. We use long, soothing, rolling strokes to promote healthy circulation and relaxation.

Available in:

55 min – $95
70 min – $115
85 min – $135

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep finger pressure is used to relieve sore muscles and encourage muscle recovery related to overexertion. Using slow, deep strokes, we are able to provide relief to stubborn knots in areas of chronic tension. It is not recommended for first-time massage.

55 min – $120
70 min – $150
85 min – $175

Hot Stone Massage

A combination of our classic massage and hot stone therapy, this treatment enters a deeper dimension of relaxation and well-being. The heat from our river stones allows for a slow release of fatigue and tension from the muscles.

70 Min – $135
85 min – $150

Theragun Massage

Theragun is a handheld percussive therapy device that assists the therapist to deliver concentrated deep tissue massage to specific ages. It helps to loosen fascia which reduces pain and muscle soreness, increases blood flow to muscles and stimulates the nervous system for results that are quicker, deeper and longer lasting.

Two minutes of percussion on a muscle group will increase blood flow the same as 15 minutes of deep tissue massage.

70 Min – $190

Couples Massage

Couples massage therapy is rapidly growing in popularity! In a single room with individual therapists, couples may enjoy relaxing together while stimulating intimacy and feeling their tension melt away. You may request our classic, hot stone, deep tissue, or a combination of the two!

55 min – $190
70 min – $230
85 min – $270

Motherhood Massage

Special techniques and bolsters ensure complete relaxation and comfort while helping alleviate leg, hip, and lower back pressure due to normal body adjustments during pregnancy. This prenatal massage helps to reduce fatigue by aiding circulatory and lymphatic systems.

55 min – $100
70 min – $125
85 min – $145

Massage Add-Ons

Extra Foot Massage

Many spa-goers most enjoy the foot massage. Take advantage of this addition to your massage or body treatment and add an additional 15 minutes of extra TLC for tired or tense feet.

15 min – $25

Extra Scalp Massage

Soothe the scalp with an extra 15 min. of aromatherapy. It’s perfect for releasing the tensions of the day.

15 min – $25

Dry Body Brush

Dry skin brushing benefits may include stimulating the lymphatic system, exfoliating the skin, removing toxins, increasing circulation and energy, and reducing cellulite.

15 min – $25

*Guests must be at least 13 years of age or arrive with the written approval of a parent or guardian. Children are not permitted in the medical or spa facilities unless they are booked for a specific treatment.*