Body Cocoons/Wraps

Our intensive, full-body, relaxing treatments achieve therapeutic results and a complete state of calm.

Slim Wrap

This full body wrap is perfect for slimming and circumferential inch loss.  Clients have experienced 1-2 inches off waist, hips, thighs, arms etc for a potential total of 6-10 inches (all over).  Perfect for that little black dress, men may use for job performance measurements (military).   Great value at $105

Excellent when used in a series!

Detoxifying Mud Wrap

This mineral rich detoxifying moor mud is ideal for anyone suffering from hormonal imbalances and low energy. Immersion in our steam canopy infuses the product deeply while pulling impurities from the body.

Sea Mineral Body Toning Treatment

Improve overall firmness to your skin with a full body steam therapy and mineral rich detoxifying seaweed mask. The mask tightens the skin resulting in overall improvement in apperance. Youll enjoy visible results with just one treatment!