Acne Treatments

We offer a variety of options to reduce and clear acne. After a thorough consultation and medical history with our nurse practitioner we work with you to develop a plan. These may include medications, isolaz acne treatments, chemical peels, or regular facials and products taylored to your skin. Consultations are free.


PPx, or photopneumatic energy, uses a combination of pneumatic energy (vacuum) and broadband light to successfully treat acne. PPx treatments are not painful and are clinically proven in the treatment of acne. The PPx has an FDA approval to treat both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne.

Isolaz Acne Treatment

Isolaz Acne Treatment

Chemical Peels

We offer the several peels for acne and clearance of hyperpigmentation and scarring, our most popular being the Vi peel.

VI Peels are a safe, effective approach to achieving younger looking skin and provide superior results for all Fitzpatrick skin types. Two to four VI Peels per year, along with proper home care, reverses sun damage, treats hyperpigmentation including melasma, acne and acne scarring, aging skin and rosacea. Patients of all ages will benefit from our treatments, from pre-teen acne sufferers to mature patients wanting to reverse the signs of aging.

Unlike other chemical peels, our treatments are virtually painless, require no skin preconditioning and have minimal downtime. The peels are suitable for the face and body. The VI Peels are practical, affordable and give excellent results within one week.

Pricing $300-350