Reward Points

Here is a brief Introduction to our reward points program!

( Its Very similar to an airline frequent flyer program )

How to accumulate points:
Points are accumulated at time of transaction to the client receiving service.

10 x amount spent in gift card purchases
5 x amount spent for packages and series
10 x amount spent on retail products
5 x amount spent for service purchases
3000 points for pre-booking next appt
15,000 points for referring a new client
10,000 points for pre-booking as a new client

There are many other ways too numerous to list- like trying a new service type & the higher product value purchased the greater the points.

How to use points:    1000 points is equivalent to one dollar.

Reward Points can be used to purchase entire services or products- must have enough to purchase the entire product or service. Points are redeemable for all non-discounted services. There is a minimum of 25,000 points for gift certificate purchases. Unused Points will expire 6 months after the end of the year.
2016 Reward Point Program will end Dec 31, 2017 and new point program starts in Jan 2017 so unused 2017 points expire 6/30/2018.

Again, it is a pleasure to serve you!
The Staff at Still Waters Day & Medical Spa