Donation Request

Thank you for your interest in Still Waters Day & Medical Spa and our community outreach services.

We enjoy supporting our community through charitable donations of our services as well as some direct financial support. We would love to be financially able to say yes to every person and organization asking for donations however because of the shear volume of daily requests, our financial contributions must be limited to supporting the charitable requests of our current clients.

We ask that the following information be submitted via e-mail so that we may support the Pensacola community in the most equitable fashion we have found.

  • A current client must be the requester
  • Please submit the following items when requesting support for your particular charity:
  • Charity Name
  • Goals for Event
  • Details about the charitable organization
  • Specific request Name and Contact information

We prefer to have this information submitted via e-mail to

Live well,
Mary Anne & Jeff Aanestad

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At Still Waters Day & Medical Spa, it is our personal goal to be our customer’s first choice for all their spa needs by focusing on delivering an outstanding customer experience.

We know the value to the mind and body of being still. We chose the name Still Waters because we love life most when we take time out of our busy lives to be still and enjoy the healing benefits of water.